Win $1,500 For Just Uploading Photos in Pustera –

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Do you know you can Win $1,500 For Just Uploading Photos in Pustera? YES! Follow the instruction below to get started

FACE OF PUSTERA COMPETITION 2018 is open to everyone, from every country. There are no gender restrictions. Win $1,500 For Just Uploading Photos in Pustera!

Winner’s prize money is:

$1,500 USD (for participants worldwide) or  ₦500, 000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira)  + ₦100, 000 Airtime Allowance (if the winner is within Nigeria).

To participate, Simply take a picture holding up a paper sign where the following must be written:



Your write-up on the paper sign must show clearly on the picture. The paper sign may be hand-written or printed.

PUSTERA may disqualify any participant or remove any picture or content, if it is considered inappropriate, or if the picture falls short of the requirements described above. Nude pictures are not allowed. PUSTERA shall automatically disqualify any participant who uploads any nude picture or content.

NOTE: This is a picture competition. Only pictures are allowed.

This competition has an online (live) timer. Please, see timer to know the duration of the competition.

The participant with the highest number of votes at the time the online (live) timer runs out wins.

Winner will be contacted by pustera via Pustera chat messenger and via email for Account details. PUSTERA shall pay the winner by direct Bank transfer.


NO COUNTRY  OR GENDER RESTRICTION. Pustera users world-wide are eligible for this competition.

To stay connected and get notifications on your mobile device about the latest posts and ads on pustera, install our app on google play store by following this link:

You can share your page or entry on facebook or other social networks to get more votes from your friends.

Win $1,500 For Just Uploading Photos in Pustera –

The best way to get more votes for the Face of Pustera Competition is to invite real persons or friends (especially from other social networks) to vote for you. Granted, the system will declare the person with the highest number of votes as the winner, but pustera Ltd shall verify all votes to determine who the actual winner. The participant who got the most number of real votes wins.


Don’t creat new emails just to generate more votes. We will find out, and those votes won’t count.

Only votes from pustera accounts with verified emails will count. To verify your email after signing up, please check your inbox and enter the verification code. If you don’t get any email containing your verification code, please check your spam.

Also, only votes from pustera accounts with atleast 1 (one) profile picture will count. This is to ensure that the person who truly deserves the prize money wins. The rules are for everybody. The rules affect everybody.  Get real votes from your real friends and stand a chance at winning. 1 (one) real vote is worth more than 100(hundred) fake votes.

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Also, to participate in the Face of Pustera Competition 2018, you must upload your profile picture on your Pustera Profile Page else, you may eventually be disqualified. Only participants who have profile pictures can participate.

After the competition, the participant with the highest number of real votes will win. We will also publish people with verified and unique email addresses who voted for the participants.

Win $1,500 For Just Uploading Photos in Pustera –

WINNER’S PRIZE: $1,500 (US Dollars) if you are outside Nigeria.


N500, 000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) + N100, 000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) Airtime Allowance if you are within Nigeria.

Payment will be made by direct bank transfer. Payment will reflect as Pustera Ltd in your Bank statement which is the company name.

Before we pay you, you must have a pustera verified account. This is because we want to be sure that you are a real person. We may also demand for other proof of identify. To verify your account follow this link:

Winner’s name and picture may be published on any Newspaper of our choice such as vanguard as the Face of Pustera. Winner will also be announced here on pustera.

Win $1,500 For Just Uploading Photos in Pustera –

AGE: According to Pustera Term and Conditions, the minimum age to participate is Age 13. Anybody who is below Age 13 shall not be eligible to participate independently. Any person who is below Age 13 can only participate through a pustera account owner or handler who is Age 13 or above. There is no maximum age restriction for this competition. However, the minimum age is 13.

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