University of Phoenix Online Degree Programs

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University of Phoenix Online Degree Programs

Have you ever dreamed of studying in University of Phoenix? But probably looking at the finance to sponsor your transportation, visa application fee and accommodation?

University of Phoenix Online Degree Programs are available online and lectures can be take online without you being in the school physically. Also, The University of Phoenix is a private for-profit college, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, United States and is the second largest university by enrollment in the United states.  Furthermore, As at 2015 the tuition fee was 9,812 USD.

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The University of Phoenix currently have 91 offline campuses and online platform for receiving online lectures.

Below are list University of Phoenix Online Degree Programs

  1. Online Advanced Cyber Security Certificate (Undergraduate)
  2. Online Advanced Health Care Information Technology Certificate (Undergraduate)
  3. Also, Online Advanced Networking Certificate (Undergraduate)
  4. Online Advanced Software Developer Certificate (Undergraduate)
  5. Online Asset Protection/Loss Prevention Certificate (Undergraduate)
  6. Again, Online Associate of Arts – Professional Focus
  7. Online Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice
  8. Online Associate of Arts in Security Management
  9. Online Associate of Arts in Security Management with an Asset Protection/Loss Prevention Certificate
  10. Online Associate of Arts with a concentration in Accounting Fundamentals

Start the path to the career you want with University of Phoenix even as a Nigeria. The University of Phoenix offers Associate through Doctoral programs, as well as professional development and individual courses to help you stay ahead of workplace trends. Success begins with the end goal in mind. University of Phoenix can get you there in a way that fits the lives of busy working adults.

Conclusion, see the official portal to access the University of Phoenix Online Degree Programs

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