Top 7 Business Ideas You Can Start From Home And Start Making Money

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Top 7 Business Ideas You Can Start From Home: Home based business is becoming more popular than ever. Statistics shows that up to 75% of businesses that ever started in the last 1 decade started as a home based business.

Top 7 Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

In this post today we would be talking about the top 7 Business Ideas You Can Start From Home, one of the basic advantages of starting any of these businesses is that you enjoy low cost of start up. You don’t have to pay for office space anymore. But the major challenge has always been indiscipline. People don’t feel compelled to work or produce result when they are completely in charge.

If you are a person who thinks you can discipline yourself to work whenever you work, then I suggest some of this home businesses for you.

Real work these days are basically becoming result oriented, you don’t get more that you work for. Most of the business idea that will be mentioned here are ideas that can be started with little or no capital. But you will always have to know something (you need to have some knowledge of some sought), equipment like computer with internet access can do.

Here are 7 lists of business ideas you can start from home.

  • Editing and proofreading

This is something many people do for free. But if you think you understand grammar and good English construction, then you become a professional editor and proofreader. To do this, You can get yourself connected to upcoming authors around your area.

You can also consult other professional editors and proofreaders for a clearer insight about the business. (This will not cost you much) What you only need to start is to understand just English.

  • Become a Content Creator

Most of the content (Almost all the content) you see around the web are created from home. All you need to create content is your table, chair, pen and paper then of course a computer.
Content creators and freelancer are paid based on their performance, quality and the length of the content.

There are over 15 million websites who are constantly searching for content on their field. Meaning if you understand health related issues and you love to write, A health website or company may need you to create certain content for them.
Writing is work. I must tell you. But there are those who actually love to write. If you are one of them, you can consider starting this business. You can register for free at or at to begin.

  •  Graphic Design

This is another great business that is springing up these days. Starting a graphic design business may not be too difficult especially if you know how to mix colors and if you are creative. You can start graphic design business with just your laptop and internet access. You can see our how to become a graphic design here.

  • Social Media Manager

Believe me this business is becoming a very large one these days. If you understand how social media works, how to advertise on a very great budget, then this business may be for you. New companies and old alike are now getting into social media. Others don’t know the importance of social media and how they can leverage on social media. It’s your job to let them know how you can help them.

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One major challenge a lot of social media expert in Nigeria are facing is the inability to brand themselves. Branding is very important. Nobody is going to give you the opportunity to manage these social media account if you don’t look so.

  • Blogging

A lot has been said about blogging. If you love to write and you think you have knowledge to share about a particular subject then you can begin to blog about such topic (subject).
Starting a blog is very simple. You can begin with or

  • Forex Trading

Long before now, forex was for banks only, but today, with your laptop and a modem you can begin to trade forex. To trade forex, you will need to sign up with forex brokers like etc.
Beware this business requires more information than what you have just seen here now. You may need to constantly study information on various markets. Any wrong decision can make you lose large amounts. You either win or lose.

  • E-commerce Website

Today, things are changing rapidly. You can begin an e-commerce site that sells goods and services from your home. There are several platforms now that support the creation of e-commerce websites. Most people these days would prefer to buy online than to buy offline.
Aliexpress and JIJI Reselling – Someone testified how he has been making good money from buying and reselling on Amazon Kindle Store. Maybe you can consider that. Buy cheaper and sell more.


Making money online and offline depends on your zeal, whatever is worth while is worth doing. Take one of these business ideas you can start from home and exploit the opportunities. Weather you are a graduate, student or a full time worker in any organization you can make it big once the mat is laid down.

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