Top 100 Sweet Things to Say to a Girl You Love with all Your Heart

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Top 100 Sweet Things to Say to a Girl… Have you ever thought about the perfect words to say to a girl you love? You certainly have! Words, when said properly, convey our feelings and thoughts. Below I have written out 100 sweet things to say to a girl you love so you never miss the opportunity to describe to her how you feel about her
Sweet Things to Say to a Girl You Love
Sweet Things to Say to a Girl You Love

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Life without you by my side and with me is certainly unimaginable
All of eternity and more wouldn’t be enough if I had to describe how long I want to hold you in my arms
How do you do it? You look very cute doing even the most ordinary things
If I could, I summon all the world’s linguists and compel them to remove the letter X from all the world’s written language because that’s what I would never be to you – your ex
Your smile brightens even the darkest of rooms
I dreamt of you and us last night, and trust me, no romance movie would have been better
If there was an award for the best couple, we would by no doubt win consecutively year after year without fail
My friends and I were talking about how they missed their childhood of looking at the stars at night but I do not miss – I see stars in your eyes whenever we look at each other
Why haven’t you competed as a dancer for the state championship? You dance so well
Spending time with you counts as the best way of spending any time
If the world turned and loving somebody became a crime, then they better call me a criminal because I’m helplessly in love with you
I had always though soul mates were a superstition… until I met you
Most people have been complaining about it always raining but I am not bothered- the sun rises in you eyes daily
Forever isn’t enough for me to fall in love with you over again
You are the first person I think before I sleep and when I wake
I know you have got me wrapped around your little finger but I don’t mind – with you is where I want to be
As amazing as you are you chose to be with me. Thank you
Forever isn’t enough to show you how I feel about you
Your smile sucks away every tear I have in my eyes
The concept of soul mates seemed so abstract to me…until I met you
You look so beautiful and angelic that I seems almost like sacrilege when I touch you
I could hold on to your arms forever just to feel the warmth in them
I thought I had the perfect picture of what I girl should be then you redefined it with your beauty.
My life without you in it would have been so different, so empty
You are the reason I strive to be the best I can be so I can come close to your perfection
With you in my life, I have so much purpose
I must have done something exceptional to in my past life to deserve your love
If I had to match the reasons for loving you with the stars in the sky, I’d run out of stars and still have more reasons
When we make love, I can’t think of anything more beautiful and perfect
I can almost feel your hands stroking my beard and I am almost purring in ecstasy
You so much to me my lover, best friend , companion and my better half
You have all the guys at your feet but you stepped over them to love me
Your eyes are like the blue sea and I could get lost in them
Words aren’t enough to describe my love for you
Knowing you tops the list of the best things to ever happen to me
Ceasing to think about you is something that can never happen
You’re more beautiful than the word itself
Ever wondered why I keep staring into your eyes? It’s because I see the stars in them
Forget about your size, let’s talk about the size of my love for you
All I need do is look at you to realize how lucky I have been in love
Even the best of mathematicians can’t calculate how much my love for you is
How is it possible that you look cute every time
Nobody in the world can rival how loving and caring you are
You smile reminds me of how lovely life can be
I want to brand every part of you with my kisses
If you were areligion, I’d worship at your altar
The feeling of your hair wrapped around my fingers is so amazing
I never want to see you sad ’cause it deprives the world of your smile
Waking up to your voice is my idea of starting the day right
How is it possible that thoughts of you consume my every thought
When I’m with you I want time to pause but not until after you become my wife
My heart race fast than a bullet train when I kiss you
If the world ends right now, I’d take comfort in the fact that I had the chance to love you
Pictures and videos are not enough to capture our moments together. I just want time to pause
My idea of heaven is us being together
Even death can stop my love for you
God designed you as his master piece
I my world, you are queen – you reign supreme
Knowing that our love and exists helps me get through each day
Forever doesn’t even describe how long I will love you
If I had to choose the ideal girlfriend, I wouldn’t choose you …You are more than a girlfriend, you are my life
I know I exercise everyday because my heart always race for you
Life becomes more meaningful with you existing
I thought of a flower I could compare to your beauty. None is deserving of it
If I should write a love song based on what I feel for you, it’d be timeless and evergreen
Stealing is a crime but I love that you stole my heart
Disney should make a movie about your beauty. Barbie wouldn’t even do you justice
Falling in love with you is what I do everyday
I’ve run out of adjectives to describe my love for you. New words should be created
The day you find the grain of sand you threw into an ocean is the day I’d stop loving you
Life without you would have been so ordinary
If love was wine, ours would taste best
Our love should be made into a movie. It is whatothers should aspire to be
If love were heat, ours would be a furnace
As long as you are with me, I don’t care where I stand
I could float on dreamy clouds of love in your eyes
How long did it take for you to be convinced to leave heaven
Since aliens are from another world, and you are an angel, with it be right to call you one
I had coffee without sugar this morning. Kissing you last night was sweet enough
If I had to pass judgement over you for stealing my heart, I’d query you fornot doing it fast enough
I passed by a donor hospital in case of eventuality but I could because you already have my heart
You cuteness should be illegal
Knowing that you are in my life is the reason I keep fighting for it daily
If I had to stay in your arms for days without leaving , I wouldn’t starve ’causeI’d be feeding on your love
I was asked to describe my world in a few words and I mentioned your name
Trying to stop thinking about you is an effort in vain
As you travel, let our love be your guiding light
I love you more than the world can ever imagine
Life’s more liveable when I hear your voice
If the world had half our love, it would be heaven
I hope you aren’t too tired from having to carry my heart
The saddest day in the world is the day you cry
The Mississippi isn’t even as long as my love for you
I don’t need GPS even in the dark, my love would lead me straight to you
Magnet attracts iron, you attractive me
I can imagine what Mary speaking with an angel after I spoke to you
Let create our own alphabets; U comes before I
When I told my mum you are my girlfriend and she asked where you live, I said heaven because that’s where angels dwell
Sitting close to you warms me on a cold day because there’s fire in your eyes
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