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Toni Blasts her daughter Chyna Claims she Sucked Dicks to provide for her

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Toni Blasts her daughter Blac Chyna, Claims she sucked dicks to provide  for her

Toni Blasts her daughter Blac Chyna, Claims she sucked dicks to provide  for her “Two years in a row. I’m going on my second year of not seeing my grands,” Toni said in her first video, obtained by The Shade Room. “Yes, they are her children. And I’m not the only person that deals with this s–t. Hollywood is so demon-filled, it changes people. We was just chilling. I was just on [her] reality show.” These accusations are coming to light after Toni thanked Rob Kardashian on Instagram for letting her FaceTime with Dream, whom he shares with Chyna.

And that’s not all that Toni’s not happy about. She went on to threaten the “California b—hes” Chyna’s been hanging out with lately, including her 18-year-old boyfriend, rapper YBN Almighty Jay because she thinks they’re the ones keeping Chyna away from her. “I’ve cried my last tear. Now, I’m angry,” Toni said. “My kid is gone and I’m gonna accept that.”

But even though Toni’s rant is filled with anger, there’s still a tinge of that mama bear fire in her. She even admitted that if something were to happen to her only daughter — even though they haven’t been on good terms lately — Toni would “go to jail for life,” and she threatened the friends that Chyna has been hanging around with lately.

“I don’t know what her problem is but you b—-es in California, get the f–k away from her,” she threatened. “Oh, I can’t take you away from her because she’s a grown a– b—h? But I tell you this, if any f–king thing happen to her, I’m going to f–king jail for life. Get them away from you, Chyna. That n—- too.”

It’s not just Chyna’s new boyfriend that Toni doesn’t approve of. Toni accused the people Chyna’s been hanging out with in California of being “yes b—hes,” meaning that they never say to “no” to Chyna and have alternative, possibly shady motives.

“I walk alone but yet you put all these people in front of me. Your friends you hang [with] are pieces of s–t. They will send you to hell rob you and f–k your man and your woman,” Toni wrote in the caption of one video. “You could’ve given me a call [as] opposed to going online. What’s really going on? Who is really in your head? Who was really on the phone or standing there coaching you, from what it sounded like to me. You still have not called and apologize to me. I did nothing to you but love you raise you protect you and be your f–king foot stool b—h. You have these yes b—hes around you all… day they don’t give a f–k about you. It’s obvious dummy [sic].”

Toni also made a point to bring up money. Though she said she never asked her daughter for money, she also posted a screenshot of a text message conversation in which she asked Chyna for money but Chyna “said she was broke.”

“I have to talk to you on online!!” she continued. “Well, I am about to do an interview with whom ever for a check now [sic]… I remember asking you for $20 not long ago and didn’t get a response. I remember telling you I was starving to death it felt like my stomach was going to fall to the floor and never got a response. I told you I was stuck in the snow with no gas in my car, I called you and no response,” Toni wrote.

“I spoke with you on the phone maybe three to four times otherwise I have to talk to you through your assistant,” she added. “What mother has to do that!!! Don’t worry, the first person they get $200,000, I’m coming through no love lost.

From the captions Toni wrote, it sounds like Chyna was trying to keep her struggles with her mother out of the media, social media included. “You f–ked up now they see we are apart you big dumb b—h,” Toni wrote in the caption of one of the videos. “I’ve never disrespected you now I have no respect for you. I mean literally none. I’m disgusted with you as a mother.”

Toni also added that she took on the entire Kardashian fan base for her daughter with this qoute “She raged war against me, her mother, the only b—h breathing that will f–king die for her funky a–,” Toni says. “I took 424 million people — those are the Kardashians fans — on. But b—h, I’m still here for you. You better come to me and apologize on your f–king knees.”

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