Structured Settlement Quotes – Get the Most Cash Now for your Payments

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The Structured Settlement Annuity (SSA) provides tax-free, periodic payments over a period of time, specifically designed to meet an injured party’s needs. Specialized consultants facilitate the settlement process, as well as help design and negotiate the structure.

What is the difference between an annuity and a structured settlement?

The settlement amount has been changed from a lump sum into a series of payments over time. These are called deferred payments. The difference between an annuity and a structured settlement is that annuities are usually financial tools available through insurance companies or investment firms.

Can you sue someone who is on disability?

You can sue him or her, but whether you will be able to collect if you receive a judgment is another story. If all he or she has is the disability check, you won’t be able to garnish it.

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Would you like to receive a full sum of cash for your structured settlement? Thousands of people every month ask  if they can sell my structured settlement payments. The answer is Yes! You can sell your future payments for a huge sum of money.

Structured Settlement Quotes will also provide a free analysis of your payment stream and will help you to decide what deal best suits your needs. Visit to learn more about structured settlement quotes.

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