Six False Ideas About Your Smartphone You Have Believed All Your Life

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Smartphone With every new day, new innovations and improvement in technology lead to new releases of ‘smarter’ smartphones. But As awesome as having a smartphone is, one of the frustrating thing about it is the battery which is not everlasting ones have become a very important part of our lives

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This is largely due to the important tasks they carry out and voids they fill in our every-day life

With the invention of mobile phones came different myths and misconceptions on how to and how not to use a mobile device and their batteries

Here are six things you believed wrong about smartphone’s batteries

#1. Never Use Your Phone While It Charges

A-lot of smartphone users generally believe using a phone while it charges has a negative impact on the longetivity of the battery life. This is only possible if you are using a low-quality ‘fake’ charger. Whether you use your phone while it charges or not, your battery will charge as expected with a good charger. This is because; while charging your phone, applications still run in the background and your phone device runs synced applications. So even if you do not use your phone, your phone is using your phone. Only in cases of overheating should you dial the action back

#2. Your Battery Will Spoil If You Charge Your Phone Overnight

They are called ‘smart’ phones for a reason as most smartphones have been built to recognize when a battery is at a fully charged capacity and so, will stop charging. But for those who believe the battery has to be fully charged for them to have an optimal experience with the phone; your phone battery is optimal from 40 – 80 percent.

3. You Should Only Use Brand/Follow-Come Chargers with Your Phone

False. While it is advisable to use good chargers, it is not a must to use the brand’s own charger only to charge your smartphone. Most Smartphone manufacturers enjoin you to use the official charger that comes with your phone. This is mainly because they highly recommend it as it is their brand but they do not specify that you don’t use any other charger. Meanwhile, stay away from knock-off, run-off-the-mills chargers.

4. Surfing The Internet Will Drain The Battery Faster Than Anything Else

This is so not true because the internet still runs after you drop your phone when you are done with Instagram and Snap chat. Turning off your data only increases battery life to about 30%. But the number one thing that sucks the life out of your smartphone device is gaming. The high-end graphics engines are usually massive energy drainers. Which means that if you game a lot on your devices, you need to learn to dim the screen as much as you can while playing.

5. Completely Drain Your Battery Before Plugging It In Again

These days, smartphones come with lithium-ion batteries are much different from the old batteries which we can say were ‘not so smart’. Every battery has a full capacity they can reach but the older batteries would “forget” their full capacity, so they normally wouldn’t be able to fully charge again over time.

So back then, folks would completely drain the battery to 0% before charging it again.

Smartphones today have lithium-ion batteries, which don’t suffer have “memory problems” of older nickel cadmium and nickel-metal hydroxide batteries. So, you can top-up that battery anytime without discharging it completely.

6. Keeping It In The Fridge Will Improve Battery Life.

Very Wrong. The appropriate temperature for a smartphone battery is at room’s temperature – 20° – 25° C. A too low or too high temperature range will damage the battery

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