Sell My Car: How to Sell Your Car in Nigeria Online Places

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Sell My Car online keyword is one of the most asked question of search engines and hence I want to address this questions on this post.

Where Can I Sell My Car Online?

Do you know that there are tons of places to sell your used cars online here in Nigeria? With the advance of technology. There are new models and invention of cars daily and I believe you’ll as well want to change your already used car to the latest trending.

Well, Let me put to you clear that most people are aware of internet fraud and hence don’t want to fall victim of being scammed.

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However, there are some trusted online stores that you can sell your car even as well buy cars if you also wish. These sites are trusted, meanwhile it is still important to submit genuine information on the sites so as to enable buy understand the person they want to transact business with.

Selling your cars has really not been that easy for some people and that why these platforms are built to connects individuals together to transact car business.

Without wasting much time I’ll like to list of some factors to put in consideration in other to sell your car at ease to people who brows these websites.

Requirement to Sell Your Used Cars Online for Better Response

  • Use your real Name:

Most people respect people who are truthful, using nicknames  will give them (buyers) the impression that you are a scammer and hence would not patronize you in any first place. So make it real, people who are searching for how to buy used cars online are not robots too; they are human just like you.

  • Show your true Contact Address

Just the first step outlined above, always be really try as much as possible to display the right information which also include your address to the audience as this will enable them know who they want to transact business with.

  • Also, Submit a Correct Mobile Number

How will you feel if you want to transact with someone and his or her number is not going through, what impression are you giving you buyers? So, you must show your real phone number so they can always reach you any time and anywhere.

  • Be trustworthy – At least have some reviews

Get reviews from others, it could be from blogs, social medias or forums. This help build more trust and commitment to your buyers. Selling cars online requires much than say.

  • Don’t Place Too Much High Cost

Remember that there are also many others who want to sell their cars out there. So, to sell your car you need to beat the competition in the market space.

List of Online Websites to Sell Your Car Online in Nigeria

  • Auction Export

Sell my car using Online AutoAuction with 250000 cars Direct delivery to Lagos and Tema. Buy directly from auction and sell my car directly to auction .  If can be able to sell your car to Auction Export you don’t need to worry as both the shipping will be done for you.

  • Jiji.NG is another Free website  in Nigeria to sell your used car– Sell to Real People on – All you need to do is to register at a free cost and place your ads “sell my car” to the website and boom if your reviews are worth it, you’ll may start receiving calls from people around who want to buy your car.

  • Olx.Com.NG

OLX has 1000’s ads available in Nigeria of goods for sale from cars, furniture, electronics to jobs and services listings. Buy or sell something today!

  • makes selling your used car easy and hassle free. Evaluate your car for free online, book an inspection and drive to the nearest CARS45. After inspection and evaluation of your used car and it passes all the required test. Your cash will be sent to you in less that 45mins.

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