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12 Things Nigerians are Saying about the Return of Dapchi Girls

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It is no longer news that the 105 Dapchi school Girls that were kindnapped about a month ago have now returned to their parents. This also was credible that the terrorists were said to have dropped of the girls, even exchanged pleasantries with the locals before leaving town. Nigerians however think there is more to the report than just the Return of Dapchi Girls .

See What Nigerian Are saying about the Return of Dapchi Girls through Twitter and other social media channels.

#DapchiGirls they should not have been kidnapped in the first place. Terrorists shouldn’t have the capacity to kidnap girls and return them on their own terms, driving in triumphantly. Happy for the parents but sad for what our country Nigeria has become. A lawless piece of ****

— Kayode Ogundamisi (@ogundamisi) March 21, 2018
#Dapchigirls girls have been returned, some dead.

Government paid Boko Haram, allowed them to drive them back to Dapchi town, drop them without any arrest.


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— Adetutu Balogun (@Tutsy22) March 21, 2018
Before #DapchiGirls were abducted, someone calledto withdraw the security forces in the area. Before they nearly captured Boko Haram leader Shekau, someone called the troops to stand down.

Who is this someone who has no name?

— Babasola Kuti (@SKSolaKuti) March 14, 2018
It must have taken a lot to return the #DapchiGirls in terms of logistics. It would be great to know what Nigeria had to give/do this time to have these girls returned. We are glad they are back but let’s not miss a chance to learn how to do better.

— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) March 21, 2018
So @MBuhari you paid BH and allowed the to drive into Yobe to drop off the abducted girls,and no arrest was made. Legendary incompetence. @segalink #DapchiGirls

— Duru Chibuzor eric (@DuruchibuzorE) March 21, 2018
“The #DapchiGirls Shall Be Returned In 2 weeks” PROHESIED the DEFENCE MINISTER


Today, the 21st Day of the Lord exactly 1 month and 1 day of the Abduction, the WORD of the MINISTER DID NOT RETURN to HIM VOID

The girls are RETURNED!!

— Florence Ozor™ (@FlorenceOzor) March 21, 2018
Boko Haram RETURNED the abducted #DapchiGirls. Not that the girls were RESCUED. No, Boko Haram RETURNED them. Many questions.

— Nedu Ekeke #BBOG (@Nedunaija) March 21, 2018
Boko Haram led by Mohammed Yusufu’s son, Al-Barnawi can be likened to a “CASH AND CARRY” group, needing funds to build its stronghold/consolidate with ISWAP. They abducted #DapchiGirls so it was easy to negotiate with them, Shekau suffers mental health, not easy to deal with.

Is this Political propaganda? Or what do you think about the Return of Dapchi Girls. Let know your views.

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