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Religion and Corruption in Nigeria What You Should Know

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Religion and Corruption in Nigeria: It is pertinent to know these important facts conveyed in this article, What You Should Know about corruption and religion and how you should view this statement depends.

Are Nigerians Truly Religious?

It is quite evident that Nigeria is a very religious country. There are churches and mosques in every nook and cranny of Nigeria’s cities, towns and villages. Loud religious chants and prayers can be heard every day from these worship centers. Religion also plays a huge role in the politics of Nigeria. If the President is Christian, then the vice must be a Muslim and vice versa.

Meanwhile, Nigerians hold a huge sentimental value to their religious faiths. However, this strong religious beliefs does not reflect in Nigeria as a society. In fact, one might argue that, the strong religious beliefs of Nigerians has played a negative role in the development of the Nigerian society in the form of corruption.

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According to latest statistics for corrupt countries It is an open secret that Nigeria is among them. One would expect that a country with so much religious values will keep corruption at a minimal. However, the reverse is the case. Nigerians are very corrupt individuals and if corruption was an Olympic sport, Nigeria will win gold almost every single time.

Are these Evidence that Religion and Corruption in Nigeria is at peak?

Furthermore, the scary aspect is that the religious institutions in the country aide corruption. It is open secret that pastors and imams’ collect expensive gifts and cash from corrupt politicians in exchange for prayers and public endorsements. Some Pastors in particularly also use biblical tricks to  exploit money from poor church goers in exchange for financial breakthrough.

These creates a society where pastors and politicians become millionaires whereas, the rest of the population remain poor. latest Forbes list for richest pastors in the world, 4 Nigerian Pastors made the top ten list. Nigerian politicians are among the richest in the world and there is a strong possibility that they are the richest. On the other hand, Nigerian citizens are getting poorer.

According to the world poverty index, more Nigerians are falling into poverty. This is a contrast to what pastors, imams’ and politicians are currently experiencing in Nigeria. 

To be continued…

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