Over 125 Girls R*ped in Bentiu (Full details)

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Over 125 Girls R*ped in Bentiu (Full details)

Accordint to Nation News report, in the last 10 days, 125 women and girls have been raped while seeking emergency food in Bentiu, South Sudan, medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said Friday.

Women and young girls have been coming to the MSF clinic in Bentiu en masse over the past week after surviving horrific episodes of sexual violence,” said Ruth Okello, an MSF midwife in South Sudan.

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“Some are girls under 10 years old and others are women older than 65. Even pregnant women have not been spared from these brutal attacks,” she said.

The attacks, by unknown men in the northern city of Bentiu, occurred as hungry women and girls tried to reach emergency food distributions set up by international aid agencies, MSF said.

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