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Offa Robbery: Many Feared Dead in Offa Bank Robbery

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Offa Robbery: Many Feared Dead in Offa Bank Robbery

Offa Robbery – Bloodbath in Offa as daredevil men of the underworld laid siege in Offa Community of Kwara state.
Today, about 50 robbers came in 7 to 8 motorcade to sack the Offa Divisional Police Headquarters, snuffing lives out of every living thing in the police vicinity including the police, complainants, suspects in custody and stray animals.

Thereafter, the notorious robbers proceeded to the premises of GTB and First Bank where they carried out their nefarious activities unchallenged.

After the operations which lasted for hours, the robbers fled Offa through Igosun Community axis.
Report said, the Offa Robbery spent few times in Igosun High School before they finally left.

Offa Community has always been a target of attacks by the men of the underworld due to the heavy concentration of commercial banks. Recall that all the banks in Offa have only been operating skeletal services after similar experiences in 2013.
Today’s robbery attack call to question the safety and security situations in the country.

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Although, armed robbery is a global phenomenon as there is no country that is immune to it, but the level of occurrence differs from one country to the other. In Nigeria, amidst the harsh realities of poverty, hunger, starvation, and joblessness, Nigerians are often been subjected to out-of-control armed robbery like the cases in Offa. Unfortunately, the government seems to have no strategy in place at this moment to fight back in Offa Robbery.

Sadly, the corruption and unemployment situation compound the social problems in the country as many unemployed youth easily turn to crime as a way to make ends meet or in defiance of the society that has failed to provide for their basic needs. The reasons for increase in the crime rate in Nigeria are, however, not meant to validate the actions of those who perpetuate armed robbery or any similarly related crimes.

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With the current spate of insecurity arising from insurgency and other criminal activities in the country, the onus is on the government to ensure that everything is done to ensure that armed robbery attacks like this Offa Robbery are reduced to the barest minimum.

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