NYSC Camp Requirements 2018: Don’t Forget to Come With This Items

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NYSC camp requirements 2018: It is important to get the right information and at the right time, without you coming to NYSC Orientation Camp 2018 you may be disallowed from participating with your fellow corps members.

Below are List of Items you must come along with to NYSC Orientation Camp 2018 as they are NYSC Camp Requirements 2018


This is a very important document and the only evidence that you are a Corper  and you are not impersonating anyone. so if at all you even forget any other items never forget this. Word of advice and make sure you don’t laminate your Call-up-letter. Most people have been sent back because of forgetting their letter at Home. Furthermore, it is very important to know that no amount of pleading can help.


Come along with 10-12 copies of every document required . There would be photocopiers in camps. However, it is recommended you do this at home before coming to NYSC Orientation Camp 2018. Also,  Statement of Result (Original and Photocopies) , School ID Card (Original and Photocopies) are required.


Very important as the name implies. It would surprise you to know that you have to come along with up-to 30 passport photographs (YES!). Reason being that you would need them at every registration point mostly. Then those of you who would likely redeploy , you would need more than others . It is always advisable to have extra copies of them too.


Simple right? Oh it worth it dear. Just come along with this items to save time and not be aback each time you need items like this.

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Round-Neck white T-shirt is an essential outfit in NYSC Orientation Camp 2018, as a matter of fact in most camps this is the only allowed cloth to be worn throughout your 3 weeks . Even to church , you might not be allowed to wear colored cloths. You would be given 2 pairs of white t-shirts at camp to just fulfill all righteousness which surely would never be your size. Stick to this NYSC Camp Requirements 2018 to at the safe side. So you can bring extra pairs (3) . Word of advice: do not carry more than 2 pairs of colored clothes because you wont need it .


You must make sure you come along with your pair of White shorts , you would also be given 2 pairs of shorts which are really poor in material . they tear easily and are thick which can be so annoying.  Trust me also you wont like to wash everyday ,so bring enough to last you like 3 days so that you wont be stranded.


This is a very important outfit to as it is also one of NYSC Camp Requirements 2018. You would also be given a pair of low quality tennis shoes customized for NYSC. Its either you are not given your size . After the first wash it starts tearing . So just buy yours.


Get extra pairs . you would also be given 2 pairs, for effectiveness you need extra.


Yo also need it, come along to the NYSC Orientation Camp 2018 with this item.


This is very very essential . firstly the bathrooms can be very annoying and dirty and you would not like to have infection from camp. Bad idea. Also the water can be dirty.Most people always have reaction to it.


you would do not want to fall sick in camp from malaria. Just bring yours. Also bring ropes you would use to tie it o. i also used mine as a room to protect my box and properties from thieves and also from some insects and ants.

OTHERS: Towel , bed sheets Pillow Cases and A Pillow . you could also get pillow from mammy market.

NOVEL :For those who get bored easily , please carry some . And for guys PSP or chess. also iPod and Mp3.



This served as my bank and locker for important items. Things like phones, money , id card , keys , ATM cards e.t.c I even know someone who sleeps with hers on because of people on the loose to steal.


Most or in fact all camps do not give light except at a specific time of the day . This is very important especially at night when you need to use the bathroom , early in the morning when preparing for morning drills and meditations.

BASIC DRUGS: like panadol or paracetamol , allergy medicine, menstrual pain drug , nausea relief drugs , antibiotics e.t.c . The camp clinic is always inadequately filled with drugs so help yourself.

PADLOCKS: Please lock your boxes and bags to avoid regrets and crying o. I know people who lost things to thieves due to carelessness
Toiletries /Sanitary Pad. Bucket, soap dish (buy at the camp site, don’t stress yourself taking one to the place, they always sell in the camp).


Yes! This is also very essential, make sure you come to cap with this items for eating. Important for those who intend on eating camp food anyways.

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