‘Not Too Young to Rule Bill’ is a Scam – What A Man Said on Social Media (Video)

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‘Not Too Young to Rule Bill’ is a Scam – What A Man Said on Social Media (Video)

Not too young to rule bill is a scam: If a candidate is contesting he will definitely run under the vehicle of a political party that is owned by the destroyers of this Nation, the only way not too young to rule bill can stand is when they pass a BILL OF INDEPENDENT CANDIDACY.

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All political parties in this country are the major problem of this Nation, today the 10th day of July I wash myself out of the Coalition the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY is involved with other parties that have terrorists that have made this nation not to grow since the existence of Democracy.

I do not associate myself with TERRORIST. Public Statement will be issued out my supporters, followers, well wishers, family and friends.

I am a man of integrity and I will not negotiate it with anyone that have been the problem of this country, whatever money I have spent I did it for the love I have for my people and I don’t want SETTLEMENT.

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