Nigerian Navy Secondary School Admission Form 2018/2019

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The Nigerian Navy Secondary School Admission Form 2018/2019 is out

The application for admission to the Nigerian Navy Secondary Schools starts with the purchase of this year’s NNSS application scratch card. This will be required during the online registration. Below this post you will see various outlet across Nigeria where you can obtain Nigerian Navy Secondary School Admission Form 2018 Scratch Card.

Below is a step-by-step guidelines how how to register for Nigerian Navy Secondary School Admission Form 2018

    1. Click on the Candidate Registration link by clicking on the Admissions Tab on the menu bar of
    2. Candidates are to fill in the pin and serial numbers obtained from the scratch card to access their registration form.
      Click on the Log In tab of the Menu Bar and enter your scratch card details. Click on Log in to access your form.
    3. Start the registration by selecting and uploading the file containing your passport photograph, you will then be able to fill out your personal information, a secret question and its secret answer, your parent information as well as school information.
    4. Note that all pictures must be in JPEG, JPG or GIF formats and must be less than 20kB in size.
    5. Be sure to go over the completed the form for correctness before clicking on the submit button at the bottom of the page.
    6. Upon this submission the form and your application is immediately sent to the navy entrance exam team with your registration number and your Exam Number now displayed on the page.
    7. You are then to print the exam docket as proof of successful registration, the print button for the exam docket is at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on this button. Make sure to save this slip and always remember the answer to your secret question.

Also keep the phone number and email address of the Parent active for important information on your application may be posted through these.You may log in at anytime using your pin and serial number e.g. for your Interview Exam Number if successful in the Entrance Exam.

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