MTN Lumos Reviews: Solar Mobile Inverter

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With the low rate of power supply in Nigeria, I think opting for the MTN Lumos Inverter is the best option to stay out of black out. In this guide you will get to know about the MTN Lumos Reviews and why you should opt in.

Lumos enables people to replace hazardous and expensive kerosene generators and lanterns with modern solar electricity that can power lights, cellphones, fans, computers, TVs and other small electronic devices (all at once, every day). with MTN Lumos inveter you can do all of these.

However, the MTN Lumos Inverter can cannot support, Air conditioners, Deep freezers, Refrigerators, Electric cookers, Washing machines, AC ceiling fans etc. So using these items mentioned therein will render your device useless.

Furthermore, you can power both DC (solar) compatible appliances and AC compatible appliances with your Lumos Mobile Electricity system with DC (solar) Compatible appliances, up to 100W (accumulative) and 12V and AC Compatible appliances that you already have at home, up to 60W (accumulative) and 220V.

MTN Lumos Inverter Service saves you lots of money on your monthly electricity bills!

Choose a suitable subscription plan from the plan options and make convenient payments from your MTN Mobile phone.

Set-Up fee Plan Price per day Total plan price
One-time payment of 26,000 NGN upon joining the service 5 days 200 N 1,000 N
10 days 180 N 1,800 N
30 days 150 N 4,500 N
90 days 140 N 12,600N
180 days 130 N 23,400N
365 days 128 N 46,720N

The Cons/Disadvantages

  • It’s not free, N150 per day (if you can’t afford it, MTN Lumos Solar is not for you)
  • It cannot power the following appliances: Desktop Computer, Freezer, Old type TV, Pressing Iron, Water heater, A/C, pumping machine and other power consuming equipment

To Purchase the MTN Lumos Inverter you can visit any MTN office closer to you



  • After paying for 5 years, it becomes unlocked for your free use without further payments
  • MTN Lumos will be responsible for the (repair and replacement) within the 5 years, just call the customer care line which is toll free.

MTN Lumos Reviews did not just came from my perception, being a user of the MTN Lumos Inverter I have gave you insight and I believe the ball is now on you court to decide which best for you.

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