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Horrible! See How Two Nails Was Driven into a Man’s Head – Photos

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A Kenya man drove three nails into a man’s head for an offence yet to be known. Robert Muchangi, the victim was said to have revealed the names of his attackers to his friend before passing out and being taken to hospital after the attack.

According to The Standard News, it was his friend that reported the matter to the police in Maua, the same day the incident happened, and before Muchangi was moved to Kenyatta National Hospital.

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Robert Muchangi’s family members say the attack was carried out by someone known to the deceased. They added that, he had gone to see a man, who gave him a building contract, when it happened.

The brutal assault on the 28-year-old man from Meru County landed him in a coma for days, and doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) managed to pull the four-inch nails out of Robert Muchangi’s head but he sadly couldn’t make it.

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A Kenya news portal reports that the man died earlier today and police are on a critic search to apprehended the attackers of the deceased

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