Glo Oga SIM: Unmatchable Data Benefits to Oga SIM Subscribers

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Glo Oga SIM: Glo Gives Data Benefits to Oga SIM Subscribers

Telecoms operator, Globacom, has raised the bar yet again in customer satisfaction with the unveiling of an offering that gives its data subscribers a massive 125 percent bonus on data bundle subscriptions.

The offer called ‘ Glo Oga SIM’ was reveleaed to the media by top executives of the company at its Mike Adenuga Tower, Victoria Island, head office in Lagos on Wednesday.

According to Ashok Israni, Globacom’s Regional Chief Marketing Officer, Glo Oga SIM offers the best value to new Glo Data subscribers. The benefits are also extended to old data subscribers who have not utilised Glo data services in the last three months.

Similarly, this is the best offer at the market place at this point in time in this country,” Israni said, adding, “no other offer comes close. This consolidates Globacom’s position as the company that gives unbeatable value to all categories of its customers”.

Glo Oga SIM: Glo Gives Data Benefits to Oga SIM Subscribers

With Glo Oga SIM, a new Globacom data subscriber who buys any data plan automatically gets 125 percent bonus, according to Israni. He said the subscriber needs not do anything other than simply buy a data subscription of his or her choice.

A new subscriber who buys N500 worth of data subscription will automatically get 1.8GB of data instead of the usual 800MB; one who buys N1000 data package gets 3.6GB instead of 1.6GB, N2000 fetches the subscriber 8.2GB instead of 3.6GB, while N2,500 gives a whopping 12.9GB instead of 5.7GB.

Afolabi Otufowora, Regional Head, Marketing Communications, Adunola Agboola, Brand Specialist, Ashok Israni, Regional Chief Marketing Officer and Iretiola Jonathan, Brand Specialist, all of Globacom, at the media launch of Glo Oga SIM, in Lagos on Wednesday.

Furthermore, Israni said this is the biggest data offering in the country and called on telecommunications subscribers in the country to join the Glo family to get this “unmatchable offer”. He urged subscribers to dial *777# in order to see the data bundles available and choose one according to the power of their wallets.

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“The product we are launching today is the king of all products in the telecommunications industry. With the product, you do not need to look any further for value and reliability,” he said.

He said “Oga SIM” is a ‘must have’ for everybody, as it links subscribers with their passion points. According to him, the value to be derived from “Glo Oga SIM” can either be shared or gifted.

Globacom is the only operator with a wholly-owned submarine cable, Glo-1, linking Europe and America to West Africa, delivering a much faster and robust connectivity for voice, data and video to telecom consumers in West Africa. Take advange today with the new released Glo Oga SIM.

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