Trending Sport: FIFA Lifts Guatemala’s Suspension

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It was reported on Thursday that FIFA has lifted a suspension imposed on Guatemala 18 months ago over its failure to comply with anti -corruption rules .

The suspension prevented Guatemalan teams from participating in international competitions such as the Gold Cup, the Central American Games and the CONCACAF Champions League .

“FIFA has today lifted the suspension that was imposed on the Guatemalan Football Association ” Fedefut , it said in a statement .

Football ’ s governing body said it made the decision after receiving a letter from Juan Carlos Rios , the head of a FIFA- appointed “Normalization Committee ” to oversee the Fedefut . The letter confirmed that the committee was operational.
The suspension “is lifted with immediate effect , restoring all its rights as a federation member of FIFA ,” Rios told a press conference. “It is a very happy day for us .”

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FIFA sanctioned Guatemala in October 2016 after it failed to authorize the normalization committee after an international corruption scandal that rocked world football .

Former Fedefut general secretary Hector Trujillo was the first person brought down in the scandal to be sentenced to jail , given eight months by a judge in New York in October for wire fraud.

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