Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys – How to Use Facebook Keys

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Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Just another new feature on Facebook as Mark implement another great way to make things easier especially when navigating through Facebook site.

The below table show Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys while using your PC to brows Facebook

? Show this help dialog
j Scroll to the next News Feed post
k Scroll to the previous News Feed post
p Make a new post
l Like or unlike the selected post
c Comment on the selected post
s Share the selected post
o Open attachment of the selected post
enter See more of the selected post
q Search Messenger contacts
/ Search
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? – Key The ? displays the dialogue box that shows other menus and how to use them.

J – Key This key allows you to see the next feed post without you scrolling down with your mouse or dragging down your scroll bar.

K – Key This also, allow you to see previous news feed post, still leaving your mouse to be at rest while you use the keys to work smoothly.

P – Key Before now you have have to scroll back up or just click on the Facebook Icon to make a new post, Now wherever you are just hit the letter P and a box will appear to make a new post.

L – Key This is a great key as makes it easier to like and dislike a post.

C – Key Just tapping the C key using the keyboard brings you to the section where you put down your comment on the selected post.

S – Key Tapping S on your keyboard allows you to share the selected post.

O – Before now this was difficult to do for some people but now Facebook has made it so easy that with just tapping the O key using the Keyboard your attached file will pop up and open.

Enter – Key Tapping the enter key allows you to see more of the selected post.

Q – Key This allows you to search for contact on your messenger.

/ – Key Tapping the slash key allows you to search Facebook at ease without much stress.


Take advantage of these great Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys and utilize the Facebook community while you enjoy your stay on Facebook.

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