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The CIPM Nigeria Exam Photo Card is ready for printing. All prosepective students can now login to the official website of CIPM Nigeria to print their photo card. The examination is scheduled to take effect from 16th August, 2018

Below are simple instruction you need to follow in other to print out your Resit CIPM Nigeria Exam Photo card.

  1. Go to the official website via
  2. Click on Operation 
  3. Locate Exam PhotoCard
  4. Enter your User ID and Password 
  5. Click on Fetch

CIPM Nigeria Instructions to Candidates

  1. Candidates must present their identity cards to invigilators for admission to examinations and ensure they sign in.
  2. Candidates must attend punctually at the times assigned to their papers, and must be ready to be admitted into the Examination Hall ten minutes before the time the examination is due to start. Candidates shall not be permitted in any circumstances to enter the Examination Hall more than ten minutes before the time scheduled for the commencement of the examinations. Candidates who arrive more than half an hour after an examination has started shall be admitted only at the discretion of the Chief Invigilator with genuine convincing reason(s).
  3. Similarly, save with the special permission of the Chief Invigilator, candidates may not leave the Examination Hall during the first and last half hour of the examination. Outside those periods, candidates may, with the permission of the invigilator, leave the room temporarily for hygiene reasons and that only if accompanied by an attendant.
  4. Candidates must bring with them to the Examination Hall their own pen and pencils and any material which may be permitted by the Panel of Examiners for the particular question paper. Candidates are allowed to write in blue or black pen only, any other colour is prohibited. Any paper written in any other colour apart from blue or black would not be marked.
  5. While the examination is in progress, communication between candidates is strictly forbidden and any candidate found to be giving or receiving unauthorized assistance would be required to withdraw from the examination.
  6. Silence must be observed in the Examination Hall. The only permissible way of attracting the attention of the invigilator is by the candidate raising his/her hand.
  7. The use of scrap paper is not permitted. Candidates are advised not to write anything on the question paper. All rough works must be done in the answer books and crossed neatly through. Supplementary answer books, even if they contain only rough work, must be tied inside the main answer book.
  8. Candidates are advised in their own interest to write legibly and to avoid using faint ink. Answers must be written in English except otherwise instructed. The answer to each question must be started on a separate page.
  9. Before handing in their scripts at the end of the examination, candidates must satisfy themselves that they have inserted all numbers of the questions they answered with date and time of the examinations.
  10. It will be the responsibility of each candidate to hand in his/her script to the invigilator and sign out before he/she leaves the hall. Except for the question paper, and any material they may have brought with them, candidates are not allowed to remove or mutilate any paper or material supplied by the Institute.
  11. Candidates must not fold answer-books or papers for any reason whatsoever.
  12. Candidates are hereby informed in their own interest that any student caught with any examination misconduct shall automatically cease to continue with that paper and further papers in that examination until his case has been decided by the Governing Council.
  13. Cell Phones: Cell phones and other mobile devices are strictly prohibited at the examination hall. Any candidate found with such a device would be made to repeat that particular paper.
  14. Every Candidate must laminate his/her photo-card before bringing it to exam hall.

Finally, for more information about the CIPM Nigeria Examination updates please use the comment box to reach us and we would reply you in a jiffy.

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