Basic Tips: Fast Food Options for People with Diabetes

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It is important for people suffering from diabetes to be selective while picking up fast food items to munch on, says an expert.

Amarjeet Singh Bhatia – Chief Medical Officer at Doctor Insta (a telehealth app), lists some fast food picks for diabetics:

1. Pizza– Pizza is one of the best choices for people suffering from diabetes. Just make sure that you order a tortilla and top it with vegetables rather than extra cheese and high fat toppings.

2. Burgers– Instead of burgers with double or triple patties, go for single burgers. Also, one needs to keep in mind that you opt for chicken, turkey or veggie burger.

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3. Muffins– If you want to start your day with a morning pastry, you can surely go for muffins but one needs to keep in mind that those muffins must be low fat. Low fat muffins are easily available in the market.

4. Pancakes– Pancakes aren’t off-limits if you can use sugar-free syrup and go easy on butter. Whole-grain choices can help stabilize blood sugar levels and are more nutritious as well.

5. Chicken sandwich– A diabetic can enjoy a grilled or broiled chicken sandwich with vegetables or a side salad and you’ve got your nutritional base covered.

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