5 artists you need to pull a crowd at your political rally

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Music is ever present at political rallies, and in recent times, it has become a main feature rather than a side show with artists openly supporting a candidate

It is the political season in the country with parties holding their primaries and identifying their representatives ahead of the 2019 general elections

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A constant feature at these rallies outside the tummy bulging politicians and the rented crowd is music. Music and Politics have always been entwined, and it is no surprise that politicians have seen the need to inject more musicians on their train

Some rallies at times look like the venue of a music festival with a long line-up of artists selected to entertain the crowd

Almost every major party has a preferred go-to artist to help sing the praise of their candidates or entertain the crowd as they wait for the long speeches under the sun

If you are considering having a rally, here are five artists who have proven over time to have the ability to draw a massive turnout to your campaign ground


The YBNL boss was the biggest beneficiary of the ruling party in Lagos during the 2015 elections

Olamide performed at almost every campaign ground where Governor Akinwunmi Ambode touched, in fact, the two formed a father to son bond that had Olamide singing his praises in a number of his songs with the single, ‘I Love Lagos’ dedicated to showcasing the strides and achievements of the governor in his first year of office


Davido Lies Down Flat For Ademola Adeleke, Shares Fun

Davido has always cut the frame of one that will be involved in politics at some point in his career, especially as he comes from a family filled with politicians and officeholders

In 2015, he publicly threw his weight behind President Muhammadu Buhari on the APC train, hut with his Uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke vying for the position of the Governor of Osun State, Davido proved that indeed blood is thicker than water, switching allegiance and pulling all the stops to support the bid

First, he cut short his tour of the United States the week before the elections, then he joined in the campaign train riding openly through various cities in the state, attracting a large crowd who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the superstar they had only ever seen on their TV screens

Then his social media handles were like a watchdog, monitoring the elections and seeking votes for the senator. Even though his Uncle fell short at the reruns, Davido had ensured that his role will forever be remembered and his influence appraised for bringing something different to the political landscape

There are musicians and there are praise singers, one name that fits into both shoes perfectly has to be the King of Fuji himself, K1 De Ultimate

The official artist on the train of the APC for many years has proven that his loyalty is tied to the party leader and at his every call will his music be crafted

K1 at rallies is a delight to watch, the way he engages the crowd, hypes the candidate and create songs around the name of the person that almost always becomes an anthem is one of the reasons why he remains active today

He enjoys a large following, especially in the western part of the country and his influence can actually swing a couple of votes in the direction of his preferred candidate

Duncan Mighty

The Port Harcourt first son may have shied away from Lagos, the home of mainstream music, but he definitely has never strayed too far away from politics on the local scene

In March 2011, Duncan Mighty joined the campaign train of then Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, when he also organised a celebrity ‘Youth Endorsement Concert’ in Port Harcourt

These days, Duncan Mighty pitches camp with the present Governor, Nyesom Wike, one he calls a fan and with his career enjoying a glorious revival, Duncan is the name that everyone who seeks to conquer the South-South will be running to for support


On March 18, 2011, D’Banj interviewed the then President Goodluck Jonathan, openly showing solitary ahead of the elections

This generated a diverse reaction both from his critics and fans, but it saw D’banj throwing his personality behind political campaigns and using his songs to praise political leaders. Even though he has been less visible on the political scene lately, he still has a sustained presence that can draw a crowd at rallies

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